Thursday, January 13, 2011

I can do anything you can do better...

It is a sad moment when you realize just how many people thrive on hate.

The sadder moment is when you realize how much hate you yourself are willing to show.

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We all can often times think of new and pettier things to do to those who we feel have hurt us. Some choose to act on those thoughts. Some choose not to. I also find myself in moments such as these. From time to time I choose to take the easier road, and act just as ugly and petty as others. When faced with such times a question we can ask ourselves is this, 'Would I by,     (insert action here)        glorify God?' If the answer is, 'No.' why waste our time and efforts on said action? Better option would be to take the road less traveled and use our time and efforts for God's glory! Not only would we be glorifying to God, but in turn we will be enhancing our relationship with God. Then we can enhance our relationship with others. I think this time I will be choosing God's road. It may be narrow and less traveled but at least I will not be traveling alone.

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