Monday, July 11, 2011

Essences attributed to life's adventures: A Majestic inventory to be considered before my untimely demise

Ok, so you might be wondering what the heck kind of post is this going to be? Well, if you don't speak Brandi (as I am sure not many people do) this is a bucket list!! I had to name it something other than 'Bucket List'!! How boring would that be?!!! There are tons of things I want to do before I meet my Creator. Though I am 100% positive none of this can come close to the awesomeness that is God, most of what I would love to live long enough to do is see some amazing other things God has created. So here is my bucket list...

         Essences attributed to life's adventures: A Majestic inventory to be considered before my
                                                               untimely demise:

1. Hike The Taum Sauk Mountain State Park (1/2 check, made it there, but arrived late so only hiked a little. I shall try again!! No mountain, big or small shall defeat me!! = )
2. Hike The Blue John Canyon
3. Bungee Jump
4. Watch a meteor shower
5. Visit tons of European countries (some specifics are listed individually later on)
6. See the Northern Lights of Alaska
7. Walk all of the stairs of The Statue of Liberty
8. Sky Dive
9. Learn to speak a different language
10. Ride a motorcycle
11. Go lumber jack camping (you know... really rugged camping)
12. Learn to surf (not getting killed by a shark would be a great plus!!)
13. Send a message in a bottle
14. Take the Hunters Safety Course
15. Become Belay certified
16. Change some one's life for the better
17. Learn Archery
18. Learn to Snowboard (successfully)
19. Ride in a hot air balloon
20. Go to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France
21. Go to the Smithsonian Museum
22. Go to Israel
23. Restore a 1967 Blue Mustang Convertible
24. See Petra
25. Have a bon fire party at the beach
26. Fall in love
27. Adopt a child
28. Dance in the rain (not by myself... otherwise that looks kinda silly)
29. Go on another mission trip outside of the United States
30. Visit the American Cemetery for U.S. Military in Normandy, France (it is possible that my Great Uncle David is buried there. He was killed while parachuting on D-Day)
31. Visit Arlington Cemetery and place a flower on every single gravestone
32. Go on a no destination road trip
33. Go on a Mediterranean Cruise
34. Eat beignets in the French Quarter
35. Have a pet fish family named Norman Cornelius Splashington I, Norman Cornelius Splashington II, Norman Cornelius Splashington III, Norman Cornelius Splashington IV, Norman Cornelius Splashington V, and a vegetarian shark named Eggbert Hoover Noble The Nice
36. Release 50 scripture balloons
37. Go to Cornerstone
38. Go to California
39. Own an olive green Vespa
40. Live in an another state for one month all by myself
41. Backpack through Scotland, England and Ireland
42. Help lead at least one person to Christ
43. Pet a lion cub
44. Go white water rafting
45. Go cliff diving
46. Experience weightlessness
47. See U2 live
48. Run a marathon
49. Eat real Italian pizza in Italy
50. Eat all kinds of devil-ish goodies from Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey
51. Drive an Astin Martin Vanquish
52. Be on Survivor
53. Hike Mount Yasur, Vanuatu
54. Go to New Zealand
55. See blooming Cherry Blossoms in Japan
56. Visit Devil's Garden
57. Go to a natural thermal spa in Turkey
58. Drive on the Bonneville Salt Flats going at least 150 MPH
59. Expand my button collection
60. Paint something someone will admire

Well that is all I have for now... perhaps I can add more and mark some off the list!!!!

                                                         Happy lion chasing to you,