Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ticket for one please!

Well if you know me even a little it would be easy to guess that I don't really like doing anything alone. Sure I love my me time, but in the past that consisted of staying in... Until a few weeks ago. I found a new love!! Going to the movies alone!! I always swore (which as I've been told before you should not do) that I would never go to the movies alone. For several reasons this idea seem crazy to me. One; what would people think?! Second, what can be fun about going to the movies alone? And of course, What would people think? Wow, really?! How conceded to think others even cared so much?! Even if they did, SO WHAT! Right?! Well, one Saturday I decided I wanted to watch a certain movie. The option of going with someone was slim so, I went for it. I jumped out there (ALONE) and went to the show. Can you guess what happened next? If your guess is she loved it?! You my friend would be the winner of this round! For so many more (and might I add reasonable) reasons I choose to go to the movies alone. I've had the few "Why's?" and "Really's?!" as I tell people. My answer is always this, "I know. I never thought I would be that type of person who could, or would want to." It's amazing how much fun you can have when you step out of your comfort zone . This just goes to show you what even a little Faith can do for you. This might not seem like anything to some, but for me this was a great step forward in my walk of Faith. You may not get it, and that's ok, because I need to be done with the "What would people think" syndrome I have been so obsessed with in the past. This seems to be pretty much all I have, if you continue past the picture, you will see a list of why I prefer a "Ticket for one please!"

1.) Its cheaper!
2.) You don't have to share the popcorn!
3.) You get to pick the movie!
4.) You get to pick the best seat (that is if you get there early enough)! Oh and if you are wondering I will share with you the best seat..... ARE YOU KIDDING, I CAN NOT TELL YOU!!! It took a few trys to find out that secret!!
5.) Why not?!
6.) There isn't a law about having to go to the movies with someone!
7.) 'Me' time is far tooo under rated these days!
8.) You don't have to fake laugh at the jokes you don't get!
9.) You can laugh at the jokes other company might not find as funny!
10.) Not caring what others think is incredibly freeing and thrilling! Yes THRILLING!!
11.) NO ONE talks to you during the movie, or asks "What did he/she say?"
12.) Why miss out on anything just because someone did go with you? So, reason number 12, you wont miss out on a movie just because someone didn't go with you!
13.) You don't have to share the arm rest!
14.) Well I at this time couldn't think of a # 14, but I didn't want to leave this on a 13... :::GASP::: What would people think of that?! haha

Needless to say, even if some of the reasons are selfish-y these are all reasonable reasons! Folks, don't miss out on something you might enjoy immensely just because of what others might think. Jump out there and try something you normally wouldn't do alone and do it (ALONE)! = )

Happy 'me' time to you!

PS~ The fine print..... Third 'full' row from the back very middle seat... there I told you! See how unselfish-y of me that was!! Just don't take that seat from a show I am attending please. That wouldn't be polite!