Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Positive Affirmations: My New Year 'Mantra'

I do not believe a chant will facilitate any special  spiritual power. I do however want to fill my attitude with positivity in hopes that this attitude will affect all areas of my life. So, instead of a New Years Resolution I have come up with Positive Affirmations, sort of like a mantra (minus the 'special spiritual powers'). I can not take full credit for this as I read it else where, but I did some tweaking to make it my own.

    #1. Every cell in my body glows with Joy.

    #2. Loving myself heals my life.

    #3. I will nurture my mind, body and soul with His word.

    #4. I release all worries to God, and allow beauty to find me.

    #5. When I believe in myself, so do others.

    #6. I choose Faith, Love, Joy and Freedom to open my heart and accept splendid things to fill my soul.

There you have it, my 'mantra' for any and all goals I might set for myself this year. I pray that each of you can find that something to help you grow in the year of 2012. Whether that be a New Years Resolution, a verse for the year or even a 'mantra' so to speak.

Blessings to each of you!


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