Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let their voices be heard. Let their faces be seen.

By now you may have heard of or seen a video titled Kony2012. If not let me explain a little about Kony. Joseph Kony is a vile evil man. He unmercifully abducts children from their homes forcing them to fight in his 'army' (LRA). These children are subjected to murdering, raping and mutilating others. Little girls are too often forced into become nothing more than sex slaves. Little boys are forced to carry guns and murder others, including but not limited to their own parents.  The children of Uganda and countries through out Africa daily live out atrocites that we who live in a free America can only imagin. Kony has maliciously terrorized Africa for over 20 years. Now, I do not have all of the facts, but one thing I do know for sure is; we can not sit by knowing that this kind of tortue is being subjected to children, by children guided by Kony. WE MUST LET THEIR VOICES BE HEARD. WE MUST LET THEIR FACES BE SEEN. has started a campaign to spread awareness and gain support to oust Kony by the end of 2012. Their video Kony2012 is heart wrenching! After watching I could no longer ignor the children of Uganda. I have not financially supported as I have read some information (that could be false information) that has me questioning their motives. Please look into and see what they're saying for yourself. I origianally intended to write more about these reports, but I feel they too greatly take away from the true meaning for this post.  But please don't stop there do some research for yourself, especaially before fully supporting  I do however fully support educating ourselves and bringing awareness to others. Either by blogging, re-posting Kony2012, calling & writting my local and federal government making them aware that this issue is important to me. Aside from the financial issues, that I only hinted to above, I hesitate to support due to the reports of their affiliation with the Ugandan Army. I do not have all of the facts but it is important to understand what is being reported. To oust Kony by useing a military that is accused of producing the same sort of torture towards innocents is disgusting! Further more how can we peacefully remove Kony? At the very least that is not probable. At the very best its obsurd! The very reason he has not been caught as of yet is due to his inherrent disregard to human life. Kony with out a doubt will place his child army in the way, causing yet more death to children. Obviously I do not have the answers. I don't know if has the answers either. BUT if we ALL educate ourselves and inform others in the process we can get this Kony guy. I urge you to watch the Kony2012 video! I urge you to research with me! I urge you to educate yourselves and others!




In this year 2012 our power comes from our voice and from our knowledge. Arm yourselves with knowledge and voice it! Do Not Stop! Their lives, their childrens lives, our lives and our childrens lives depend on it! DO NOT STOP!

Burn these following images in your mind! They do not know who is fighting for them, BUT we know who we are fighting for! Warning they can be gruesome.