Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little lion.... Big step.

So, an opportunity has been laid at my feet. The question is to take that step or not. This step could lead to some great possibilities, or just be a wasted effort. All in all I feel pretty positive about this change in my career path. Normally I would be scared beyond belief, but I'm primarily just cautious and a bit nervous. I don't have much time to prepare for this decision. I think though, that sometimes that is exactly how God plans things. I know I tend to over think some things, and to much thinking can easily turn into self doubt which is problematic. God has given me the perfect amount of time, I just need to use it accordingly. In about 10 hours or so I will have made my final choice. I think I am ready to face this tiny lion. Though it feels bigger than that, I know that I can take this decision head on. With out fail my God guides & strengthens me, I only have to walk in the lighted path He has provided for me. Well enough with this jibber jabber. Hopefully I will have more to talk about tomorrow!! = )