Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new day

Well my ever so faithful followers, I  have not been so faithful in my blog posting! So much has happened since my last post, yet I'm not so sure any of it was really worth posting about. I will catch you up... Well I am finally moved into a new home. Though I have yet to actually unpack everything or put my designing abilities to work, this is home!  I am well on my way to a much healthier life! This has taken some time to get motivated on a constant basis, but finally I have gotten into a 'routine' so to speak. In fact as soon as I send this post I will be heading for the track, as I start two a day work outs. Never thought I would ever be saying that!!! I am eating so much healthier, with out depriving myself of the yumminess that is junk food (that's saved for the weekends). I am currently reading 'In A Pit with A Lion on A  Snowy Day' a must read that I recommend a million times over!!!!!!! As it is about a couple of particular verses that not only inspired this blog but a much loved tattoo of mine! Well i must be going, as I have a commitment to myself (and now all of you since I've mentioned it already). Off to the track I go!!!