Thursday, August 26, 2010

Staying Home

Waking up this morning feeling exhausted and just not up to par, I made a call to work. I decided staying home was in my best interest. I promptly went back to sleep. Sleeping for a few more hours helped. As the day progressed I finished reading a book. Just Listen. A good read. But more importantly another book came by mail. Mockingjay. I have waited for this book for a year now. I find myself in this moment of bitter sweet. You see this book is the end. Once I read it the series is done. I have an overwhelming need to read it, but an undertone of knowing that once it is read that's it. Its done. Finished. I must know what becomes of these characters, will any of them die? Will they make a stand and win against their adversaries? Will this story end the way I want it to? Will this book be everything I have hoped it would be this past yer? The answers to these questions are of course within the book itself. It just seems that I have waited so long for these answers thinking I was ready for them, but now.... I just don't know. Perhaps I am being a little dramatic. I am sure there are those who are reading this and thinking 'It's just a book.', but I get involved in the books I read. Once I get attached to a character, breaking that attachment is hard. I'm not one of those readers who can pick up just any book and read it. There has to be that 'something' to make it more to me. And that is exactly what Suzanne Collins has done. She has created an amazing world, with the most amazing character (Katniss). Some authors have the ability to push the envelope and test your emotions. Some authors can sit down write a story that can challenge the way you look at or react to things. They can put that 'what if that was me?' question into your brain and you don't even realize it. Well Suzanne Collins is one of those authors. And her books The Hunger Games (series) are those kind of books. They're part thriller, part suspense, part action, part love story, part anything else you can think of. So sitting here telling you this gets me more excited about this one last book. Here's to hoping it's everything I would like for it to be, and hoping I can stay awake while reading it; and of course hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

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